Dear Ling-Ann,
Many thanks for your reading from Akasic records for me. It was accurate as it can be, with details you couldn’t know personally about. That reading confirmed what I already sensed, but it felt too crazy for my mind to accept it.
Now I did and finally – really finally – I feel in peace with that situation. I’ll also take serious advice you had for me about protection.
I’m forever grateful for your help and I can recommend anyone who wants a reading from Akasic record to have a full trust in you and your clear contact with the Records.
— Blanca, Slovenia, European Union
Wow..thank you so very much Ling-An for your healing you gave to me. I am blown away with what i experienced during and after my healing..a few tears of letting go pain plenty of clearing and also i now know what my purpose is n my drive towards my career i was meant to always do.
I will definitely be in contact for more healing n clearing asap. You truly are an earth Angel lovely lady..blessings n love sent your way.
— Vicky J Embrey from Australia
Ling-An is a constant innovator with learning new healing modalities. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She has helped my daughter especially in healing and becoming a more vibrant, happy person. I feel blessed for all she has helped us with. Thank you Ling-An!
— Sandy B.- Chicago USA
Since I have been working with Ling-An I have found parts of myself that I had lost, more confidence, and direction. Before being with Ling-An I would have never written a review but she has encouraged me to express myself, and allows me to process in my own time.
Thank you for your time, expertise and nurturing.
— Danna Griffins - USA
I was blessed to have my Akashic Records read by Ling-An! I am grateful for the records and the messages received related to me and my family.
Thank you Ling-An for your gift, for sharing it and for being so passionate about the work you do on earth!
— Ro Schroeder- USA
Very lucky to have found Ling-ahn:) She has such a Warm heart and pure intentions. She is such a good listener great intuitiveness. She has done couple of SRT(Spiritual Response Therapy) for me and has helped me. Very powerful healing work she is doing/ offering to the world. Thank you Ling-an.
— Chieun Oh - USA
It has been over six months since I received my reading from Ling-An. It has taken me that long to BEGIN to incorporate the import of what was revealed. The reading was conducted just 2 months after a cardiac arrest. Before the reading I had been reluctant to inquire about the reason for the near-death experience. Honestly, I was disappointed that something like that could happen to someone as “spiritual” as me. The reading answered (and continues to answer) so many of my questions.
— Dr. C. Tally- USA
Ling-An is a kind hearted soul who seemed to tap into my energy in a different way than I have experienced before. She literally fell into my lap at exactly the right time, as we worked together on a New Moon clearing. But I have learned, the teacher shows up when the student is ready. It’s just how things work.

I had never executed with intention any event on a new moon before. However, just a few days prior to that, another new moon situation was set in motion for me without me seeking it out. So I was listening as clearly spirit was speaking to me. I could feel some things peeling away and tingles in my body upon completion. Since I also do energy healings of a different form, this was new and very different to me than other type of energy work I have received. It is hard to explain other than I felt it working and I had things occur immediately after that I handled in a way which easily allowed me to step back into my power. I didn’t even think about it, but I swiftly reacted in a whole different way in which I had become accustomed.
It was fascinating really.
It was very very interesting how events unfolded. Since this was just done last night, I suspect more will unfold. I will allow it to so and let the healing flow in as my soul will allow it.
I am very grateful for this experience and would recommend this service to others if you are looking to remove any blockages or obstacles that are standing in your way from achieving what your heart truly desires. Thank you Ling-An.
— Tammy Powell Kilgore- USA
Dear Ling-An, more than a year ago we already “met” …without really talking, as I was on the background at that moment. Little did I know then…
However that beautiful “red-furred energy on 4-paws”, decided that day that one day our energies would definitely meet. And so they did.
After our first talk, even before my first healing, my life changed in a 1000 positive ways.
Thank you for being who you are, thank you for putting me back on my soul-path and giving me the energy and trust to for fill my destiny, my soul mission.
Good things come my way and new adventures are calling….
Our meditation yesterday was awesome, divine and peaceful. I still feel the glow of the golden light and the warm embrace of the pinkish light.
On my walk today (although not in the ultimate conditions) I was so aware of each tree, each tree group, the way they carried their branches…my sight was clearer…
I know this is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure…and I am honoured to have you by my side to guide me.
I already look forward to our following meditation.
Thank you my precious friend.
— Amelia Tettertrien - Belgium
One miracle has followed another and open my eyes to many new experiences... After being in a major roll-over car accident and walking out with only physical and emotional pains was the beginning. With Ling-An’s Reiki treatments, I was cured from the pains. This trama left many questions. After realizing Ling-An also does Akashic Records reading, I had to have some answers! My experience with Ling-An was very professional, and she was completely intuned and dedicated as the channeler between myself and my soul records... Answers have been provided, and a new chapter has begun. I would recommend Ling-An’s services to anyone who has questions about their soul journey. Thank you, Ling-An for your kind and loving service.
— A Glencoe- USA
Ling-An introduced the reading with a short, quiet meditation, then opened the Akashic Records and began to read. Ling-An reads the Records in images; perhaps there is a parallel to be drawn with the Tarot? Some of what she read was stuff I may have heard before, core issues in my karma, work I’m here to do in this lifetime. However, there were new insights, and the visual nature of the reading has provided fodder for continued exploration and interpretation. Other news was not what I wanted to hear! But hearing it has given me a new perspective and allowed me to focus my attention on my life in a different and more productive and relevant way. Ling-An is an energizing, warm and insightful reader, and it was a pleasure to connect with the Records through her medium. Thank you, Ling-An!
— Annika B. - USA
You are really blessed to help people to know their present and future, through Akashik records. I am thankful to you for sharing my present and future - it was so amazing to feel my records exist and are accessible. You have given me strength and direction to come out of my present problems and lead a better future.
— Shankar PB- India
Ling-An has wonderful insights and advice, along with effective healing abilities. Everyday that I continue to function on the level that I do and cope with any past traumas is evidence that the healing/clearing truly worked. I felt an overall shift energetically after working with Ling-An which continues to improve everyday. Ling-An is such a caring, loving spirit and the world needs more people like her! I would absolutely recommend Ling-An’s services to anyone who is struggling emotionally, mentally, or physically. Her healings truly brought me to a new level of existence I only dreamed of experiencing years ago. Thank you Ling-An!
— Ashley K, Chicago, USA
Ling-An is a very sincere, down-to-earth and truthful person. She has lots of gifts about helping people on spiritual level. Her Akashic Records reading comes with images and she reads very well. With her insightful information about my records that brings lots of joy for me. She has such strong desire to help people , and the mission of helping people is why she is on such spiritual path. I highly recommend her as your spiritual healer not only she is so talented but also she cares so much about your well being.
— Jennifer Sun - CA, USA
Ling-An was very accurate and helped me understand my family dynamic, past life connection. She is very in tune and will definitely use her services again. Thank you
— Norma A, TX, USA
Thank you Ling-An for a great insight in to my Akashic Records. I applaud your compassion for humanity! You are a great mediator between us and the Records. I had a great reading! I can’t thank you enough.

— Rosario Ramos-Andon- USA
2015年4月12日凌晨美國女性友人房凌安( Ling-An Fang)善意幫我們夫婦,解讀我們內湖房子的阿卡沙記錄時,她提及寄住在附近一座墳裡的未婚女魂,因為這位女魂被打擾的受不了了,需要我們的幫忙。幫她找個紙偶,並幫她完成入廟安身之事。我們家附近真有整山的墳地,我也找到那座最靠近馬路邊的女墳,也是我比較有印象的一座。確如她所說,無人掃墓的墳。

— 李秀娥 - 台灣

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