What are SRT and MDS?

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Clearing and Multi-Dimensional Self Trauma Energy Release (MDS) work are two very powerful spiritual processes for researching and eliminating discordant programs that have accumulated in the subconscious and soul record from current and past life experiences.

A program is a strong subconscious “script,” often accompanied by negative emotional energy, which is played out in your current life in response to triggers such as events you have experienced or persons you have known in the past. By clearing these programs, we are free to make clear conscious choices in the present without the undue influence of these negative programs from our past.


What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a non-denominational healing approach that uses our inherent spiritual nature and connectedness to reprogram our physical, mental, and emotional lives to our highest good. Deeply entrenched programs and subconscious beliefs can affect our health, relationships, prosperity, productivity, and spiritual well-being. SRT provides an invaluable technique to help us identify and—working with our spiritual connections—clear these blocks and beliefs. Changing negative behavior patterns and thoughts is much easier once these sub-conscious programs have been removed. SRT uses a pendulum and charts to deepen our understanding and connection to SPIRIT, and to use that connection to heal ourselves and assist others.

SRT was developed by Rev. Robert Detzler, author of The Freedom Path and Soul Re-Creation. SRT Training classes include Basic and Advanced SRT. Practitioner certification is available through the Spiritual Response Association after initial training by a certified instructor such as Ling-An Fang

What is Multi-Dimensional Self (MDS) Healing?

Multi-Dimensional Self (MDS) Healing is a spiritual and energetic healing approach that uses our divine connection to Higher Self and SPIRIT to release past life trauma, reprogram our spiritual DNA, and repair damage to the etheric (energetic) structures that allow our spiritual essence to express in the physical. MDS Healing uses “hands-on” energy healing techniques in addition to specially designed dowsing (pendulum) charts. MDS Healing was developed from the decades of combined experience in spiritual healing and teaching by Kathryn Hamilton-Cook (certified SRT Teacher) and Barbara Standiford  (certified Lightbody teacher). MDS training uses the same healing principles of SRT and Lightbody, but has a separate training path.

Quoted Kathryn H. Cook,