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“You Can’t go to your dream, you must come from it”

~Mary Morrissey

“Dream Builder Coaching Program”

A12-week coaching program with 10 principles, with 40 years of proven results,

repeatable and reliable system.

It collects all the highest consciousness in this realm and

allow individual to work with their Divine Domain for their highest good.

Solitude grows Confidence

Akashic Records Channeling 

Just like the hard drive for a computer, Akashic Records exist and is saved at Soul Hard Drive. it records a detailed history of the soul journey from the past.  The reading helps to resolve the repeating obstacles and move on to a new life.


Trusting the Process..

Trusting the Process..

Reiki (Distant / In Person)

REIKI is pure energy that generates from the Source. Each one of us has it when God created us.  When we contact with various pollutions, our Chi (energies) is contaminated by negatives. Direct Reiki into client's chakras, and replenish healing and Pure Reiki.

Gratitude builds wealth.

Spiritual Response Therapy

SRT for Mind, Spirit, Emotional. 

  • Transform Past Life Energies

  • Harmonize Relationships

  • Empower Self for Purposes

  • Obsolete Negative Soul Programs

  • Break Cycles of Disharmony

  • Release Subconscious Blocks

Sending you Reiki

Sending you Reiki

Creative Therapy /Classes (in person/group or Skype) 

Creativity is one of the four corners of our well-being.  It is fun and unlocked the hidden emotions and traumas from the past... The class aims to reconnect with the creative side of brains, and it is colorful and fun! 


Pay attention to small voice inside of you..

Pay attention to small voice inside of you..

Guide Meditation & Spiritual Coaching 

According to each individual's soul characters and the current state of mind.  I listen to its needs and guide clients into their deep subconsciousness to release, relax and replenish the energies the need they most.


Ready for Building a Dream Life.

Ready for Building a Dream Life.

Animals Communication & Healing

Animals have consciousness and they are very pure. They provide us, unconditional love. When they are not feeling well. The session is to communicate with them, support and provide an alternative healing modality for all animals.


Human - starting $ 250 each session

 ANIMALS - $75-110

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